On-Site Service, Guaranteed

There are times when your operations are too complex, too time sensitive, or too large to break things down and bring them into our shop. Transporting hollow vast shafts or other massive, connected system components just isn’t feasible for you. You need a company that can come to where you are, diagnose the issue, and get it fixed – on the spot.

Good news! Herold & Mielenz can do all of that and more!

Mobile Service Capabilities:

We are a mobile company that will travel to your location to give you your personalized estimate on your equipment problems. We act as your liaison and provide you with the customer service troubleshooting you need to get things fixed and get your operations back on track.

When make a visit to your shop, setup, or worksite, we give essential guidance as well to know whether or not you need to order a new part or simply get a repair for the one you have. With us, it’s always “service made simple,” and expertise you can use to get things done.  

The Heavy Lifting:

If we do have to take your equipment back to our workshop for custom repairs, Herold & Mielenz has the vehicles and experience to do all of the heavy lifting. We’ll send our trucks to you, keep you updated with progress reports, and return your materials and equipment back to you, in working order - better than new.

Knowledge is Power:

The key to what we do is knowledge. Knowledge of parts, knowledge of repairs, knowledge of replacements – we’ve been at this for more than 70 years, and we know what it takes to succeed.

If you have an older or outdated system, we’ll help you find the updated replacement part. We’ll make all of the arrangements for all of the industry bids for you. We minimize the downtime for you so you can get back to work. We offer 24-hour emergency services to fix your equipment issues when you need it the most. We give you the experience you deserve.  

For more information concerning our outside customer service, or to book your own personalized appointment with us, please call Herold & Mielenz at 916-422-7493.   

Herold & Mielenz Staff